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The life of the Law

Duration: Ongoing

Scott S. Wishart

Scott S. Wishart imparts a general understanding of the U.S. Legal System and the Common Law Case Methodology, developing a fundamental understanding of U.S. Legal System, its history and elements of its ongoing evolution...

Logic and Paradoxes

Duration: Ongoing

Pablo Cobreros

Pablo Cobreros introduces the student to some themes in the philosophical literature about the sorites paradox and the Liar paradox as well as to some logical developments connected to them...

Pandemias: nuevas infecciones virales

Duration: Ongoing

Dr. Ignacio López-Goñi

En este curso el Dr. Ignacio López-Goñi explicará qué es un virus, cómo se trasmiten, hablará de cuál es el origen del virus del SIDA y de cómo se originan los nuevos virus de la gripe...

Redacción en Internet

Duration: Ongoing

Ramón Salaverría

Ramón Salaverría les muestra en este curso los conceptos y técnicas esenciales necesarios para alcanzar una escritura eficaz en Internet...

Water, Civilization, & Nature:
Addressing Water Challenges
of the 21st Century

Duration: January 27-March 23, 2014

Glenn Patterson

Recent water issues, increasing populations worldwide, and variations in climate have impacted our water supply, creating questions and issues we’ve never been challenged with before...

Exploring the Student Affairs in Higher Education Profession

Duration: January 21-March 18, 2014

Lory-Ann Varela, Teri Engelke, & Paul Shepard

Do you enjoy working with college students and looking for a career where you can make an impact in others lives? Then Student Affairs may be...

Enseñanza en consulta y en medio hospitalario

Duration: December 5, 2013 - Ongoing

Dra. Marta Ferrer

Este curso dirigido por la Dra. Marta Ferrer le permitirá adquirir un conocimiento general de los principios de educación médica, y entender la importancia de ofrecer una enseñanza explícita en las prácticas...

So you want to work in the pharmaceutical industry?
...Next Steps

Duration: November 25th – December 15th

Dr. Anne Greene, Nuala Calnan (DIT) & Dr. Joe Brady (GetReskilled)

This DIT MOOC, in association with GetReskilled, is a free three-week introduction to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, while also creating a collaborative...

The Sound of Science:
Creating Audio for STEMx

Duration: November 15-December 13

Christopher Shamburg

This mini-course explores the educational possibilities of digital audio creation in physical and life sciences. Audio is a powerful and growing medium inside and outside of education...

Charles Darwin, Evolution,
and Tropical Australia

Duration: November 11–December 6 (ACST)

An introduction to Charles Darwin, his theory of evolution, and an overview of tropical adaptation relevant to the Northern Territory of Australia.

Applied Data Science: An Introduction

Duration: October 28 – ongoing (self-paced)

Dr. Jeffrey Stanton

As the world's data grow exponentially, organizations across all sectors, including government and not-for-profit, need to understand, manage and use big, complex data sets—known as big data...

Health Technology           Assessment

Duration: October 28-November 29

Dr. Chris Carroll & Claire Beecroft

This course introduces you to Health Technology Assessment (HTA) as a concept (what it is, what it involves) and then takes you through the key stages in the HTA and decision-making process...

Integrating Self-Care into
Classroom and Clinical Settings

Duration: October 25, 2013– July 31, 2014

Tracey Motter, MSN, RN; Barbara L. Drew, PhD, RN; Sue Hritz, MEd, CHT, RN; Dana Hansen, PhD, RN; Michelle Bozeman, HN-BC, BSN

A faculty/staff team shares how and why they incorporate self-care into their professional practice.

Entrepreneurship and New       Ventures

Duration: Oct. 22, 2013-Jan. 20, 2014

Kaihan Krippendorff

Great entrepreneurs share an ability to see opportunities that others overlook. This course will arm you with set of practical tools to help you rapidly assess the potential of a new business idea...

Social Entrepreneurship: A Grassroots Revolution

Duration: October 16-November 19

Dr. Keith Campbell

This course helps participants improve our world by building an innovative project to help a category of people in need they select. You can build a project for people in another continent or within your local community. The choice is yours.

Financial Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Duration: October 14-November 24

Dr. Jane Reimers

This course will provide an introduction to the four basic financial statements prepared by all publicly traded U.S. companies. Topics include how business transactions are recorded and flow to the financial statements,...

The Subject is Sports

Duration: October 14-November 24

Professor Rick Burton

Since the Ancient Olympic Games, sports participation has served an important function in human societies. This course will explore the history of sports in different parts of the world and the evolution of sport as an industry providing global exposure for athletes, leagues, and sponsors.

Innovation & Design Thinking

Duration: October 7-November 24

Professors Drew Boyd & Jim Tappel

"Innovation is not a gift that you’re born with. It’s a skill that anyone can learn." - Drew Boyd
In this course, students will master the tools necessary to generate new ideas and quickly transform those concepts into a viable pipeline of new products and services.


Duration: October 1- December 3

Gordon Mitchell and John Poulakos

The ancient philosopher Isocrates (436-338 BC), founded the first advanced school in Greek history, innovated creatively with new communication technology, and bequeathed a rich intellectual legacy that eventually served as the scaffolding for later...

Coasts and Communities

Duration: September 30 – November 1

Dr. Robyn Hannigan & Dr. Anamarija Frankic

Environmental problems do not recognize geographic or disciplinary boundaries. Therefore to develop sustainable solutions to environmental challenges...

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Montgomery College

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Get Ready for College English

Duration: September 30-November 17

Emily Rosado

This MOOC will prepare students to succeed in a college-level English course.

Survey of Forensics

Duration: September 30-December 8

Jay Tobin, Thomas Coogan, and more

This course is meant to provide an overview of three important areas of study: Forensic Science, Cyber Forensics and Forensic Studies. After this course is completed, participants will have a basic understanding of some of the building blocks...

Science of Relationships

Duration: September 23-November 15

Dr. Jennifer Harman

This free class is designed to give you a brief introduction to the exciting world of relationship research! We will cover many interesting topics in short lectures and you can explore each topic on a deeper level with a wide variety of...

Overcoming Barriers of
Technology Adoption

Duration: September 16-November 1

Dr. Rick Van Sant

This course is designed to guide you in gaining a deeper understanding of the Change Management process associated with technology adoption. Participants will identify their role, embrace...

Quantitative Methods
for Business

Duration: September 12-October 15

Dr. Darin Kapanjie

This graduate course will offer a broad foundation in quantitative methods so that anyone interested in business, from seasoned managers to aspiring entrepreneurs, can sharpen their quantitative skills...

Badges: New Currency for Professional Credentials

Duration: September 9-October 20

Anne Derryberry, Deborah Everhart, Erin Knight

Courses, credits, certificates, credentials -- will badges be added to this list as professionally valued ''currency''? A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment...

GIS Basics

Duration: September 9-December 1

Mary Margaret Minnis, Ph.D.

The Basics of GIS: This is a free online GIS course the fall semester. ArcGIS is the platform. Student can create a portfolio of maps to get a certificate upon completion. This 12-week course begins September 9th.

Perspectives on Disability

Duration: September 9-November 17

Dr. Greg Long, Presidential Teaching Professor, School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders

This 10-week online course is designed to raise awareness and increase knowledge about disability. It is an enrichment opportunity for almost anyone...

Sociocultural Systems

Duration: September 2-November 11

Frank W. Elwell, Professor of Sociology

Articulating important sociological principles, this course provides a critical understanding of social institutions and issues, while furnishing a framework for possible solutions to the crises that plague human societies.

Planning Change
and Innovation

Duration: September 1st-November 30th

David O'Sullivan

Planning change and innovation within any organization is about managing ideas and this requires that you develop five essential skills: (i) defining goals, (ii) managing actions, (iii) empowering teams...

The Book of Matthew:
30 Life Changing Principles

Duration: TBD

Dr. Jim Denison

This course will explore major theological themes discovered throughout the book of Matthew and provide modern day application gleaned from this Gospel perspective...

The Human Factor in Aviation

Duration: August 19-September 22

Dennis Vincenzi

The focus of this course is on a critical aspect in aviation disasters: the human factor...

Enrollment limit reached.

Ethical Leadership

Duration: August 12-December 2

Dr. Rick Revoir

This course provides an introduction to ethical decision making and ethical leadership. The course examines a variety of ethical issues that employees and organizations face. Course content includes exploration of ethical theories, ethical decision...

Introduction to Lean
Six Sigma

Duration: July 29-September 15

Dr. Edem Tetteh

Boost your success by getting Lean! In the world of Lean thinking, your primary goal is to operate more efficiently by eliminating not only defects in products and services, but other forms of waste...

Health Inequalities

Duration: July 15-August 16

Katie Powell, Professor Paul Bissell & Dr. Jill Thompson

This course explores the issue of health inequalities. It provides an opportunity to examine contemporary interpretations of health inequalities and related concepts like justice, fairness and equity...

New Librarianship
Master Class

Duration: Ongoing (Self-paced)

Dr. R. David Lankes

Join iSchool faculty for this online course that provides a foundation for practicing librarians and library science students in new librarianship. It builds on The Atlas of New Librarianship,...

Python for Informatics:
Exploring Information

Duration: July 2 - Ongoing

Dr. Chuck Severance

This is a course to teach basic Python programming skills through data analysis. The book and course materials are all free and licensed as Creative Commons. There is no complex math in...

Sustainable Healthy Diets

Duration: June 17-July 19

Dr. Angie Clonan & Dr. Michelle Holdsworth

This course introduces you to sustainable diets as a concept (what might a sustainable diet look like, what does it not look like?) and then takes you through some of the challenges involved in choosing food...

Transitioning to Windows 8
and the New Office

Duration: May 29-August 13

Eric Schmieder

This MOOC is intended for anyone comfortable working with Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 that is considering transitioning to an Office 365 or Office 2013 software package...

Software Defined Networks

Duration: May 16th-July 14th

Brent Salisbury, Dustin Burns, and Bill Owens

Software Defined Networking/OpenFlow is emerging as one of the most promising and disruptive networking technologies of recent years. It has the potential to enable network innovation and create choice...


Duration: Session 3: May 6-June 1

Cuyahoga Community College MOOC Grant

Review of basic arithmetic and introduction to algebraic concepts. Includes basic review of whole numbers and decimals, addition ,subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions, order of operations, and ratio and proportion...

Applied Real Estate

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)

Ken H. Johnson

The purpose of this course is to provide consumers of real estate and real estate services the necessary information in order to facilitate their real estate decision making. This course is meant to help create...

The Basics of Exercise Programs for Older Adults

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)

Kate Milne, MSc, MHS, CSEP-CEP

A four module, self-directed course intended for those planning exercise programs for older adult clients. Includes information on the importance of structured exercise in the...

Designing an Exemplary Course

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)


Using the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program (ECP) Rubric as a guide, this open course will provide both theoretical concepts and practical...

The Emancipation Proclamation

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)

Dr. Matthew Holden & Dr. Gwen Jordan

This open course uses the sesquicentennial of President Lincoln's issuance of the emancipation proclamation in 1863, to explore what happened in the United States before emancipation, how emancipation worked once...

Fundamentos para la Dirección de Proyectos

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)

Silvia Gurdian

¿Alguna vez se preguntó lo que implica la dirección de proyectos? Este curso le proporcionará los conceptos y técnicas clave para el éxito de la dirección...

Introduction to Project Management

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)

Tamilselvan Mahalingam

Based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide - 5th Edition, published by the PMI, USA this course will also help you prepare for the Project Management Professional Certification Exam.

Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools for Online Success

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)

Dr. Curtis Bonk

Motivating students and creating community within blended and online learning environments are...

Legal Ethical Governance

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)

Robert Meyers

This course includes both theoretical and practical approaches to ethical issues and problems commonly encountered by public officials and employees, with a particular emphasis on Florida law...

Locating, Creating, Licensing and Utilizing OERs

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)

Beth Burns and Mark McBride

OER-101 is an open-access, self-paced online "Community Course" that has been built to demonstrate how to find, adapt, and develop OERs step-by-step...

Eiffel Tower
Paris Through American

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)

Richard Berrong

Americans have long been fascinated by Paris. For the last century, this fascination has been fueled by American movies set in Paris, many of which have become very popular, from the Academy Award...


Duration: Ongoing

Cuyahoga Community College MOOC Grant

Review of basic arithmetic and introduction to algebraic concepts. Includes basic review of whole numbers and decimals, addition ,subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions, order of operations, and ratio and proportion...

Project Management Basics

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)

Silvia Gurdian

Ever wonder what Project Management involves? This course will provide you with key concepts and techniques for successfully managing projects from planning to completion.

Universal Design and Accessibility for Online Learning

Duration: Ongoing (Self-Paced)

Beth Stinson

A stand-alone course for instructors and content developers that explores what accessibility and universal design mean and...